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General Terms and conditions
for the provision of karting services

General terms and conditions for the provision of karting services

  • I. Applicability

    1.1 These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between SK Delta Motor Sport ANT., hereinafter referred to as “THE TRACK”, and the users of the “karting and sports equipment rental” service, hereinafter referred to as “THE CUSTOMER / S “. The General Terms apply to the provision of all types of karting track services.

    1.2 For the acceptance of the General Terms and the conclusion of a contract with „THE TRACK” is considered the moment “THE CUSTOMER” pays for the respective service.

    II. Declaration

    2.1 In relation to the requirement to sign a Declaration, “THE CUSTOMER” provides minimum personal details (name, surname, date of birth, city, country, email) to enable his identification, for the conclusion of a contract for the rental of karting and sports equipment and other services provided by “THE TRACK”.

    2.2 The Declaration requires a confirmation by “THE CUSTOMER” of certain facts and circumstances of his health. Awareness of the risk he takes with the use of the services and that he is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, and the Terms of Service. The restrictions and prohibitions as well and any other safety requirements available on the track info board and / or on the track website.

    2.3 Driving of persons under the age of 16 is mandatory with the written consent of the parent / guardian of the person (by signing a Declaration). Persons with a height of less than 1.30m are not allowed to drive independently.

    2.4 The text of the declaration signed by each client is an integral part of the General conditions of the track.

    III. Personal Data

    3.1 The personal data provided by the paper-based declaration is not processed (except for storage), it is not transmitted to third parties (except in the cases provided by the law and / or when a client have claims against the track.) and is not subject to deletion until the expiration of the statutory limitation period, pursuant to Article-17 Paragraph-(3) Letter-(D) of Regulation (EC) 2016/679, for the establishment, exercise or protection of legal claims by the client and / or of the track.

    3.2 The declaration shall be archived on the date of conclusion of the contract and shall be destroyed after the expiration of the statutory limitation period.

    3.3 At any time, “THE CUSTOMER” has the right to access and / or delete their personal data when the prerequisites are in place, by means of an application sent to the administrator in writing or electronically via email privacy@varnakarting.com.

    IV. RaceFacer Registration

    4.1 Upon registration by KIOSK, THE CLIENT creates a personal social network profile in: RaceFacer.com. The creation of such a profile is voluntary and is subject to another agreement and is not a condition for using the services of THE TRACK.

    4.2 In case of registration (by KIOSK) a repeatedly acting declaration is signed, which is in force for subsequent driving.

    4.3 The request for usage of the service Onboard 13 by CUSTOMER, who has personal profile in the social network RaceFacer.com, is considered as agreement by THE CUSTOMER to receive automatically generated by the system of Onboard 13 email at the provided email address. This email will contain code for access to the video which was requested by THE CUSTOMER and generated during his time at the track.

    V. Deadline for storage. Deletion.

    5.1 One-off Declaration – stored in physical form without being subject to further processing (except for storage) in the statutory limitation period of contractual or criminal liability – 10 years. Upon expiration of the deadline, the declaration shall be destroyed in accordance with the accepted procedure by the company for storage and destruction (commission with protocol).

    5.2 Repeatedly acting Declaration – in case of registration on the RaceFacer.com social network through the KIOSK on the track, the declaration is signed once and is valid for subsequent driving. In this case, upon request of deletion of the personal data by a client, they will be deleted from all processing sites. Access to the name, surname, email address and date of birth will be made by Data Privacy Officers (DPA) and the Karting Track until the 120-month period after the last driving on the track. The purpose of the preservation is access to the date of acceptance of the General Conditions on the track and protection against claims (10-year limitation period for claims for personal injury). After the expiration of the deadline, the declaration shall be destroyed according to the accepted order by the company for storage and destruction (commission with protocol).

    VI. Basic rules for using karting services. Safety measures.

    6.1 When driving a go-kart THE CUSTOMER /S is /are obligated to use safety equipment – balaclava and helmet.

    6.2 IT IS FORBIDDEN to drive a go-kart with long hair not being tied (your hair must be tied), with scarfs or other safety threatening accessories and clothing that could prevent them from falling on the track or on the go-kart while driving.

    6.3 It is Dangerous driving a go-kart with open type of shoes (sandals, flip flops, slippers, etc.), as well as high-heeled shoes. It is mandatory that the shoes are tied up properly.

    6.4 Before driving, THE CUSTOMER is required to check the condition of the basic systems of the go-kart – steering system, braking system, chassis, and only drive it in cases where they are in good condition.

    6.5 THE CUSTOMERS are required to read and understand the rules and requirements of safety on the track in advance and to observe them throughout their stay on the track.

    6.6 Instructors on THE TRACK have the right to discontinue the driving of a client who is dangerous, hitting other drivers, not complying with the rules and signaling of the track, and in all cases of dangerous and inadequate driving. In these cases, THE CUSTOMER is not entitled to a refund or parts of it.

    6.7 THE TRACK is not responsible for accidents occurring on it due to non-compliance by THE CUSTOMER or other driver, the specified track rules or the instructions given to them, as well as for incidents caused by THE CUSTOMER due to non-compliance with the rules and signalization by the instructors before / at race time on the track.

    6.8 THE TRACK is not responsible and has no obligation to provide insurance to compensate THE CLIENTS and / or third parties for accidents caused voluntarily or involuntarily by the customer.

    6.9 In the case of damages caused by me to the premises, track, go-karts or any other property of KSK Delta Motor Sport ANT, I have the obligation to pay compensation, whether the damage is due to my driving of the go-kart, observation or participation in any way in the operation of the track.

    VII. Disputes

    7.1 All claims relating to the provision of karting services and other sports services on the track should be assigned directly to SK Delta Motor Sport ANT. Claims should be made immediately upon finishing the use of services unless there is a good reason to extend the time limit for claiming.

    7.2 Any disputes that may arise should be settled through negotiations between the client and the track. In the event that an agreement cannot be reached, the client may refer the dispute to the competent Bulgarian court, by the management address of SK Delta Motor Sport ANT.

    7.3 In the settlement of the disputes, the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in force will be applicable.

    Information on current rules and specific queries can be found on the web address of the track – www.varnakarting.com, by tel. 0899 901 981 by e-mail privacy@varnakarting.com or in the management of SK Delta Motor Sport ANT, located at Sofia, 84 Tintyava str.

    These General Terms and Conditions shall be effective from the date of their acceptance and publication of the track infoboard and / or track website varnakarting.com




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