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High speed teambulding

In recent years, team building as a form of integration into the team and creating team spirit has become one of the most commonly practiced corporate training. Every modern company begins to address the environment and relationships in the team and trying to improve them. A fun day at the karting track can help achieving this goals.

“Varna” karting offers you combination of high speed, adrenaline, fun games and relax time with Karting, Buggies, Paintball, Bar and VIP zone and more. Check out our activities:

Karting race for your team

A karting race is an emotion, adrenaline, high speed, strategy, desire for the win and of course a lot of fun. Your team will have the change to feel the drill of a real competition, face a challenge and taste the sweet feeling of the win. We will organize the race in a way so every participant will have equal chance and enjoy their time at the track. You can check our example for rules of an event.

 Example for a race teambulding

Offroad Buggies Adventure

Feel the adrenaline of driving an offroad buggies in cross-country area, located near the track, with varying degrees of difficult. It is extreme experience which will help your team to you feel alive and escape from their everyday troubles. Buggy Razor 250 is stable with independent suspension on all four wheels and very secure with their extremely strong steel frame. The drive is with an instructor.

Paintball battle

Playing paintball is like chess. Requires intelligence and concentration. Strategy is extremely important and help you find leadership skills in you. It will also strengthens your capacity for teamwork. This type of competition is organized with qualifications, semifinal and final. Participants are divided into two or more teams that play against each other, most often the principle of direct eliminations. We will provide the necessary equipment and professional instruction.

Bar and Billiard

At the end of a long day full of activities, our bar and zone for relax will give you the chance to discuss your achievement and funny moments over a drink. It is the perfect way to finish your teambulding event.

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